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​​​​Research & Campaign Development
Our resources are aligned to support every aspect of the design, development and management of our author's and publisher's marketing objectives. As short, mid- and long-term strategic goals are identified, we will assist in the management of the research, relationships and resources needed to implement practical and effective sales and marketing solutions.

Relationship Management
We recognize the importance of ​relationships in sales and marketing and will develop unique partnerships between our authors, publishers, distributors, retailers, stakeholders and our professional network, to achieve mutually beneficial, ‘author-driven’ goals.

Resource Development
The Published Works Support Model identifies and manages resources that support strategic objectives and provide long-term relationship value. These resources can include strategic retail relationships, influential marketing relationships, professional services, technical support and more. Once identified, Published Works engages the appropriate resources in ways that support the goals and achieve the objectives of each author.


Campaign Life Cycle Management
While respectful of the relationship that authors and publishers have with their business network, we are also sensitive to the unique needs of our clients, particularly as they relate to the best use of limited resources. Therefore, Published Works supports the life cycle of our client’s campaign objectives in a manner fully committed to making the return on investment (ROI) our top priority.

Brian E. Powers & Rhea L. Steele, Co-Founders

Our authors realize significant cost reductions, improvements in sales and marketing program productivity and build reader loyalty through our

Published Works Managed Solution. In addition to Research, Development

and Technical Support, our sales and marketing programs can be

customized to address and support each author's unique goals and 

requirements. Published Works is a division of Blue Ocean Logic Group.


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