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​​​ Our researchers will identify… 

  • where the book’s target audience “lives” (online, in print and physically), 
  • key influencers within the target audience, 
  • which social networks to leverage for promotion, 
  • sources for quotes, reviews and testimonials, 
  • relevant forums for speaking engagements, 
  • situational modifications to pricing, payment processing and fulfillment models. 

Our Feet-Out-On-The-Street (FOOTS) team will…

  • distribute printed collateral and bookmarks,
  • facilitate group readings, 
  • conduct reader surveys,
  • represent your works via phone, online chat, SMS and onsite promotion.​

Our campaign managers will support your…

  • email composition,
  • message formats containing relevant imagery, engaging content and calls to action, 
  • list creation and management, 
  • list expansion with opt-In & out processing and contact merge/purge, 
  • campaign deployment and management, 
  • segmentation by social network demographics, reader interest, author/audience voice and timing, 
  • marketing and online data analysis,
  • graphic presentation of directs, forwards, opens, click-through-rates (CTR), bounces and more.


Consider the answers to these questions...

  • What reader demographics were you targeting when you wrote your book?
  • How do you want the book to impact the lives of your readers?
  • How does your original target audience differ from your current readers?
  • What topics or ideas are presented in the book that you hope “spark reader’s buzz”?  
  • Has a formal budget for your marketing campaign been established?

...then, give us a call!


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